Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

In honor of Buy Nothing Day, here are a few videos and links:

An advertisement for Buy Nothing Day from last year:

A quick trailer of Kids + Money:

"kids + money" by Lauren Greenfield (trailer) from INSTITUTE on Vimeo.

An extended preview of Kids + Money. I've got the whole thing if anyone would like to borrow it:

Rev. Billy Talen on Buy Nothing Day:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

gift season part 1 - where to buy.

   It's been a solid two months since I've posted. I knew working and schooling full time would be a tricky endeavor, but I may have underestimated just how much of a time suck it would become. When I'm not at work it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm at school, clinical, or doing homework. So, clearly my crafting has taken a backseat. I have plenty o' homework to be doing right now but I really wanted to post something about holiday gift giving before the arrival of black Friday.

   A couple weeks ago I was talking with some friends over dinner and one of them expressed his concern about making all his own gifts for Christmas. Basically, he really wants to give gifts, doesn't want to get things from the mall, but feels uncomfortable making his own because he might not have the time, creativity, or skill set. Myself and others told him about some alternatives that he just had no idea about it and it struck me that maybe others would like to know about these options as well.